Keynote Topics

The Mindset of a Champion

Reaching Your Potential in a World of Constant Change and Adversity

Technology changes with a blur, the stock market continues to fluctuate wildly, major corporations are imploding because of a lack of integrity, consumer confidence continues to erode, and all the while a new strain of terrorism grips the world. In the face of this onslaught of adversity, corporate success will be directly related to interference management. The Mindset of a Champion seminar tackles this issue head on and provides cutting edge strategies for competing at the highest level while facing great odds. It has been said that performance = potential – interference. The issue in most organizations is not one of potential. No, the issue is how to have potential emerge on “game day” when the interference is the loudest. 

Turning Point Leadership

Strategies and Tools for Moving to the Next Level

Everyone can remember a Turning Point experience; a defining moment in life and business where everything changed on a dime. People, experiences, adversity, and coincidences serve as catalyst for these life changing events. In this session you will discover strategies and tools for moving to the next level and preparing yourself and others for those critical defining moments in business and life. One of the great tragedies in life is to have destiny knock at the door and be unprepared to open it. There may be no greater reward for a leader than that of coaching another through a defining moment, a breakthrough, or helping someone move to the next level of performance.


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